Supreme God

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You are our creator
You are present within our soul,
You are the one who swarms us with problems,
And give us power to cross them and accomplish our goals.

We call you in pain,
Because we know you will remove it,
We pray to you without thinking of any gain,
Because we know you will protect us from all disasters small or main.

I sometimes think you are mean,
Because you don’t fulfill all my dreams,
But then I realize that you have some thing else in store,
For this little girl standing helplessly near the shore.

After so many years I now understand you,
Why didn’t you give instant success,
To make me more strong and so I learn,
To rise from all the mistakes and mess.

You want me to do hard work,
So I will always do that,
I know you look for improvements in me,
So afterwards I am content and not sad.

Oh dear god I really love you,
For whatever you did and will do,
I assure you that I will stay on the right track,
And allow you to remind me this by pulling me back.