Over The Wall

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I came back from my boarding school,

To Dehradun, my granny’s house,

A place full of mysteries,

A place every house has its own lot of stories.


There was a hut somewhat deserted,

Where my granny told me not to go,

There were no visitors and no sigh of the owner,

There lived just a servant as far as I know.


One day I saw someone peeking from inside,

Maybe it was a criminal or someone who wanted to hide,

I couldn’t stop myself from going there,

So I jumped off the wall and started to stare.


I knocked,knocked and knocked,

But no one replied,

Later came a voice telling me to go away,

To figure out who’s voice it was, I decided to stay.


He told me he didn’t want anyone to see him,

This thought of his left me in deep grim,

After a lot of persuasion he came out,

Uneven were his fingers and distorted his face,

The disease leprosy had given his body deep disgrace.


To know who this man was and what happened to him later on,

Read the story ‘Over The Wall’ by Ruskin Bond.