Short Stories

Dinner Date With A Snow Leopard

It was October and I was standing on a barren land in Leh. Behind me was a dry mountain which was surrounded by snow capped peak Stok Kangri and a few more. In front of me mere two roads one was a lonely path longing for some travelers and the other one was worn out and had a hut by the river. I was an adventurous photographer and it is quite obvious which road I will choose.

I walked towards the lonely path and into a never ending night. It was the time of snow leopard sighting in Leh so I was already with my SLR to capture the award winning photo.With this thought in mind I walked forward. I was usually not that clumsy but something went wrong today and I tripped over the stone. I was hurt badly so I thought of returning back to my camp.

I switched on the google maps and started limping but something froze me to death. That something was the sudden movement in the bush. I turned around with the flashlight directly pointing towards the shrubs. There I saw two blue colored dots which i assumed to be buds of a beautiful flower. I blinked my eyes twice and there I saw a enormous beast. There were mixed emotions of fear,panic,pain and confusion going on in my head.

The only question left to ask was that was I going to be encountered by the blue-eyed snow leopard.