Short Stories

Encountering A So Called ‘Peacock’

We were traveling on a highway,a group of four in a car. Our car’s tank was full, nevertheless our car stopped. Two of us went to find out what was wrong but couldn’t figure out anything and had go and look for a mechanic. Two of my friends were still sitting inside the car as even though street lights were there but still it was dark and not safe to be outside at this time. Suddenly they saw two peacocks come out of the fields moving parallel to the highway. Mesmerised by its beauty both my friends came out of the car. They were going close to the peacock when one of my friend realised that peacock wasn’t a nocturnal bird and was rarely sighted at night. This was something really fishy. A peacock would get scared of humans walking closer to it but this one didn’t even show any sign of being alive. The other friend of mine looked at the feet of the peacock and in no time she realized that this wasn’t a peacock because peacock small brownish red feet with extremely sharp claws whereas the ones we were looking at had completely different feet, more like that of human’s. My friends got alarmed but didn’t show any sign of panic on their face. They pretended to be calm and acted to be admiring the peacock’s colourful feathers. Meanwhile, they messaged me ‘DANGER’, ‘DANGER’, ‘DANGER’. In no time the two of us reached there with metal rods in our hand and were tactfully standing behind the so called peacocks. My friends screamt which made the fake peacocks look back and we hit the metal rod on their head and their costume came off. Guess what happened next? What were those peacocks? What were their intentions? Did we leave successful? Or is this story written in our loving memory?